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All No Zip Polyester Nets are made of UV max stabilizer fiber and have an extended field life of 7-10 years. Constructed of a long stitch knotless join that will not run. This type of netting is used in bird, aquaculture, sports netting, and more. Standard sizes are in stock and ready to ship. All made in the U.S.A. Bird Netting is the grade of polyester netting used in bird applications. This high quality netting is perfect for bird pens of all types including fly pens that allow birds to exercise without injury. Other bird netting applications include nuisance control where netting is used to prevent bird access to eves, attics, barns or other structures. Bird netting can also be used to protect crops, ornamental pond fish like koi, fish farm stock or any animal, fruit or vegetable eaten or damaged by birds. Bird netting will hold up for years even in used outdoor and direct sunlight applications. Made in the USA!

Polyester Netting

Super Heavy Polyester Netting

• 145 lb. breaking strength
• Recommended for extreme weather conditions
• No zip construction – this net will not run!
• Very easy to install


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Heavy Polyester Netting

• 95 lb. breaking strength
• Heavy weather designed
• Available in 1” and 2” mesh
• Widths up to 100 feet wide in 2” mesh
• No zip construction – this net will not run!

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