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Barrier Netting & Field Netting is a general term used for a variety of netting applications. Endurance Nets specializes in several type of standard and custom nets. Barrier Netting is commonly the same netting used in sport and industrial applications. A few examples include:

Sports Netting: Tennis Netting, Baseball Netting, Field Netting, Football Netting, Soccer Netting, Volleyball Netting, Basketball Netting, Sports Court Netting, Golf Practice Nets and Goal Netting

Industrial Netting: Pallet Racking, Insulation Containment, Landfill Fencing, Garbage Containment Netting, Animal Barrier Netting, Field Netting and Commercial Fencing

Popular Barrier Netting & Fencing

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• Polyproplene knitted nets
• Available in 4 feet or 8 feet width
and 150’ length
• Available in 5 colors (light green, dark
green, orange, red and blue)
• Also used for snow fencing application

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Made of 100% Polypropylene, UV Stabilizer Impregnated, Warp Knit Construction, 3/8th inch by 3/8th inch square, Double enforced 1″ wide top and bottom, Burst Strength 250lbs. Overall outdoor field life 4 to 8 years.


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