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Endurance Nets stocks a full line of Aquaculture Netting made of Polyethylene offering protection from above and below the water. Whether you are raising fish and shellfish or simply protecting ornamental koi, we have aquaculture netting perfect for many applications. Our Industrial Aquaculture Netting is UV stabilized, chemical resistant, non-toxic and won’t rust or rot. All netting is stabilized for prolonged exterior use. Some common aquaculture projects include cages, filters, screens, feeding rings, pond covers, fish farming, lobster traps, water fences, predator netting, shellfish bags, grow-out bags, and hundreds of more applications requiring underwater netting.

We stock all standard sizes of Pond Netting & Aquaculture Netting and usually ship the same day as your order

Popular Aquaculture Netting & Oil Pond Netting

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• 115 lb. breaking strength
• Recommended for area with
heavy snow and ice
• Available in 1” and 2” mesh sizes
• Slightly over-sized rolls
• Easy to install

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• 75 lb. breaking strength
• Heavy weather designed
• Also available in 1” and 2” mesh sizes
• Slightly over-sized rolls
• Easy to install


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